vridniX is a story-driven platformer in which you play a selfish creature who goes out to save the world, but will destroy it in the process.

The game combines speed and agility as the hero can't stop running! He bounces against walls, hangs on to the ceiling with his massive tongue, can do backflips in mid-air and above all... he has the special ability to rotate the levels by picking up special orbs!
Waw, that's something!

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More than just gameplay, vridniX offers an original story that will constantly surprise you!

The main character, vridniX, is a unique being, who lives among the kindest and most gentle species: the Wamnis. He's a lazy kid who wants others to worship him.

It's when a terrible threat comes upon their world that vridniX will stand up to be the first one to stop it. But on his way, by using his ability to rotate the zones, he will eventually destroy all the places he passes through.

This game is a journey in a very special world in which you control a antihero who will meet plenty of differents characters, learn a lot about the civilisations, travel in various environments and face absurd bosses.

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